How do we start & support new projects in SME?

All members in SME are welcome to intiate new projects and realize their ideas within our organisation. But how is this done and what are SME’s processes for this?

In SME we have a document called ‘Project Initiation Request‘ (or PIR). This is a document that any member have to fill in to request for a new project (its feasibility/development study) to be initiated or started officially by the SME.

The PIR document has various sections that would define the purpose of the project, the scope, define clear objectives, proposed deadlines and resources needed to complete the project (feasibility study phase).

Once the PIR is completed, it will be submitted to the SME board for approval. SME board will review the submitted PIR document and arrange a meeting with SME member to discuss the proposed project in more detail. Once approved by the board, the SME member will be provided adequate resources (Human resources & Budget) to initiate his/her project.

Please note that PIR document and process, is for the first phase of feasability study and for the initial R&D (Research & Development) phase.

Once the PIR phase is started and completed successfully, the findings will be presented to the SME board and a new document will be submitted to the SME board called ‘Project Launch Request‘ (PLR). The PLR document will be a formal request to launch the project as a service or product into the market on behalf of SME.

SME is a platform where all our members and investors can grow and where our members realize their business ideas. Let us all join our strengths and work towards the common goal of establishing an Islamic finance sector in Sweden In sha Allah.

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