Sveriges Muslimska Entreprenörer (SME)

Sveriges Muslimska Entreprenörer (SME) is a registered economic association with the aim to develop a new finance and investment sector in Sweden.
Our business idea consists of establishing an association which will act as an umbrella organization that will launch projects, for example a investment company. The organization will foster and promote members, entrepreneurs and investors. SME will develop ideas, finance and investment models for small and big investors and do feasibility studies. The opportunity to apply for funds will be open for entrepreneurs. All this in accordance with authorities rules and in dialogue with lawyers and other experts in respective relevant field. SME will also hold conferences, lectures and workshops to foster entrepreneurship. More on this in our by-laws and under ”projects” and ”get started”.
SME will also take corporate responsibility and donate some of it’s earnings to charity.
Our purpose is to decrease the gaps in society and make it easier for the groups which, because of different reasons, cannot finance their projects in the current economic system. We want to offer an alternative for everyone to be economically active and strengthen these groups socioeconomic status in Sweden, through riba free finance/investment.
Who are we?
We are a group consisting of engineers, lawyers, economists, planners, social workers, entrepreneurs etc. from different parts of Sweden. Many and different competences but all aiming for the same goal!

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